UI and UX Projects

  • Several Cases
  • Motion Design
  • User Interface Designer
  • User Experience
  • Microinteractions
  • technical feasibility

My work in the area of UI is the holistic approach to serve a solid design that the user group can interact with
Additional, i also work in the area of UX to expand the possibilites beyond the design and engage with the user requirements to design a smooth experience.


The Hansgrohe Visualsier can be used within the dealer websites and adjusted with the specific language so the user expierenced the hansgrohe products. This work was developed in Flash and the rollout was in the Central European region.

E-Bike Landingpage Moduls

These creatives have been developed under the creative achievement to have a fluent experience for the user so they can eengage with the content. The microinteractions offered a natural way the website behave.
This work was published in the german region.

Personal Project

This work was developed as a personal project within a advertisment package to test if a service provider in the area of "VR Training and Consulting".
This work has been done for the Creative-Agency Hello White Parrot.

CAR Service App
Product Design

These App Mockup`s was for a product design evaluation in the area of after sales car services.